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Agarose S 18000

Für die präparative und analytische Trennung von Nukleinsäuren < 1000 bp.
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For preparative and analytical separation of nucleic acids < 1000 bp.
GeneCraft Agarose S 18000 offers very fine and consistent resolution of nucleic acid fragments below 1000 bp. The agarose is capable of separating DNA or RNA fragments, which only differ with few a basepairs.
The fine physical properties of GeneCraft Agarose S 18000 provide the opportunity consistently to decide the perfection and size of amplified fragments, in vitro translation, transcriptional mapping and small restriction digestion fragments.
In addition, GeneCraft Agarose S 18000 offers high gel strength, which provides easy-to-handle, flexible gels for electrophoresis of small DNA and RNA fragments.
For separation of nucleic acids > 1000 bp we recommend to use GeneCraft Agarose LSL 8100, which offers superior resolution of high molecular weight fragments.
GeneCraft Agarose S 18000 is manufactured and quality-controlled under very stringent conditions and in accordance with ISO 9000 certified quality system to ensure conformance with the demanding requirements of nucleic acid applications.


  • Gelling temperature 31 -39¨¬C (dynamic measurement in 4% solution)
  • Melting temperature (4% solution) ¡Â92¨¬C
  • Gel strength (4% gel) ¡Ã1200 g/cm2
  • Electroendosmosis (-mr) 0.06-0.14
  • Sulphate ¡Â0.15%
  • Loss on drying ¡Â10%
  • Residue on ignition ¡Â1.0%
  • DNase and RNase activity and DNA binding None


Agarose LSL 8100, Agarose S-IM 18500

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